The Last Defense (2018)

  • Title: The Last Defense
  • Year: (2018)
  • Runtime:
  • Genres:
  • Stars:

Full Episode Summary: Flaws in the American justice system are explored and exposed through emotional, in-depth examinations of multiple death row cases. The series looks at cases from all angles, returning to the scene of the crime, re-interviewing witnesses, and delving beyond the details of the crime and court proceedings to take a deep look into the personal stories of the subjects, seeking to trace the path that led them to their place on death row. With incisive, compelling storytelling, gives voice to those who can no longer be heard. Season one investigates the cases of a Dallas housewife convicted of stabbing two of her sons to death, and a high school athlete convicted of shooting a father at point blank range in front of his daughters. Meanwhile, their attorneys race against the clock to get new trials before their execution dates are set. Both have been on death row for nearly two decades each. Both may be innocent.


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