Mannix (1967)

  • Title: Mannix
  • Year: (1967)
  • Runtime: 60 mins
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Crime, Mystery
  • Stars: Gail Fisher, Mike Connors, Ward Wood

Full Episode Summary: Considered one of the most violent television series of its era, “” followed the adventures of L.A. private eye Joe , who first worked for a detective agency known as Intertect, which relied heavily on computers and a large network of operatives. In the second season, opened his own agency, with police widow Peggy Fair working for him as his secretary. Each episode featured plenty of fistfights, car chases and shootouts.

Date Aired Mannix (1967) Episodes:
September 16, 1967 Mannix s01e01
September 23, 1967 Mannix s01e02
September 30, 1967 Mannix s01e03
October 07, 1967 Mannix s01e04
October 14, 1967 Mannix s01e05
October 21, 1967 Mannix s01e06
October 28, 1967 Mannix s01e07
November 04, 1967 Mannix s01e08
November 18, 1967 Mannix s01e09


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