Lindsay Lohan\’s Beach Club

  • Title: Lindsay Lohan\’s Beach Club
  • Year:
  • Runtime: 41min
  • Genres: Reality-TV
  • Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Gabi Andrews, Billy Estevez, Brent Marks, Mike Mulderrig, Aristotle Polites, Panos Spentzos, Sara Tariq, Jonitta Wallace, Jules Wilson, May Yassine

Full Episode Summary: “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” viewers will get to see a new side of Lohan as she calls the shots with her handpicked team of young and ambitious VIP hosts who will have to do whatever it takes to secure Lohan’s name as the definition of vacation luxury. But when the lines between romance, friendship and work get blurred, the staff will quickly learn they’ll have to prove themselves to their toughest boss yet.


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