Frontline (1983)

  • Title: Frontline
  • Year: (1983)
  • Runtime: 60 mins
  • Genres: Crime, Music, Sport
  • Stars: Will Lyman

Full Episode Summary: is a public affairs television program of varying length produced at WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts, and distributed through the Public Broadcasting Service network in the United States. The program is highly respected for producing in-depth documentaries about various subjects, leading to numerous awards. Some programs are made by independent filmmakers and broadcast as part of the series. Since the series debut, there have been more than 500 films broadcast. Although primarily seen through television, the program shows a large portion of their shows in interactive webcasts on their main website

Date Aired Frontline (1983) Episodes:
Frontline s00e00
January 31, 1983 Frontline s01e03


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